Set up under the Commission of Protection of Child Rights Act 2005, the UP State Commission for Protection of Child Rights emphasises on the principle of universality and inviolability of child rights and recognizes the tone of urgency in all child-related policies of the country.

Our Mandate

The Commission's mandate is to ensure that all laws, policies, programmes and administrative mechanisms are in consonance with the Child Rights perspective as enshrined in the constitution of India and also the UN convention on the rights of the child. This includes focus on regions that are backward or on communities or children under certain circumstances, and so on.

The UPSCPCR believes that while in addressing only some children, there could be a fallacy of exclusion of many vulnerable children who may not fall under the defined or targeted categories. In its translation into practice, the task of reaching out to all children gets compromised and a societal tolerance of violation of child rights continues. Therefore, it considers that it is only in building a larger atmosphere in favour of protection of children's rights, that children who are targeted become visible and gain confidence to access their entitlements.

Smt Juhie Singh is currently the chairperson of The UP State Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

Constitution's Highlights

  1. Education
  2. Child health, care, welfare or child development
  3. Juvenile justice or care of neglected or marginalized children or children with disabilities
  4. Elimination of child labour or children in distress
  5. Child psychology or sociology
  6. Laws relating to children

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